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Farima is engaging and unfolds at a steady pace. The novel presents one possible universe where humans coexist with a man-made creation.

Farima is an action-packed sci-fic novel. Brian Lewis creates a futuristic universe where the advantages and dangers of AI technology are explored. In Farmia, AI technology has advanced and the story's Heroine, Natia sees an opportunity to rejuvenate mankind. She believes gene therapy is the way forward to combat illnesses. In her scientific mind, project Homo Maximus is the answer to the question of immortality- and this raises a complex question: should one attempt to alter mankind's inevitable fate even if it is for the greater good?

Natia's vision for Homo Maximums isn't shared by everyone. Dr Buhari (aka Khalil and Natia's mentor) sits on the opposite end of the spectrum. Fifty years prior to the main story, Khalil fought against an uprising group called the Knights of the White Roses. Many lives were lost at the Battle of Charlotte and New Manden was born. Haunted by memories from the past and fuelled by a desire to protect his nation from another terrorist attack, Khalil is more interested in using his project for war.

Lewis writes with an animated air and shifts from scene to scene like a camera lens. In Farmia, the past is connected to the present. Deep-rooted hatred, revenge, and treachery bleed from the pages of this novel. Characters struggle for power and fight to bring justice to the dead. They protect the ones that they love. Natia exudes intelligence and perseverance. She is a natural leader. 

Farima is engaging and unfolds at a steady pace. The novel presents one possible universe where humans coexist with a man-made creation. The line between human and robot is blurred when genes are modified to form something that resembles mankind. Immortality seems like a gift. However, despite Farmia's balanced tone and optimistic ending, no one will ever understand fully AI technology's benefits. Ambiguous in nature, approaching this subject with caution as well as open-mindedness seems logical.

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My name is Brian and I was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1987. From the very beginning, I was drawn to science fiction and fantasy and the imaginative worlds that were depicted in those books. I knew one day I'd write my own book. I currently reside in North Carolina with my loving family. view profile

Published on May 24, 2020

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