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Fallen Love


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Can forbidden love survive a futuristic world of inequality and chaos, magic and an ancient force that trumps them all?

This book got off on a really good start, introducing a future world in a way that allowed me to see and grasp it through the characters' eyes, while also effortlessly moving the story forward. I loved Mark and Conall's first meeting and how it was set up to immediately show the differences between their personalities and circumstances in life. It felt very engaging, very promising.

I also found the writing quite lovely for the most part. I have even highlighted passages that made me sigh, especially during Mark and Conall's gentler moments. On the whole I can even say I actually loved the story: both the forbidden romance and the much darker undertones of magic, insurgency and demons that were gradually building on its edges.

I guess my eventual disappointment resulted from expecting a little too much from the characters and their motivations, given their supposed personalities and unspoken thoughts. There were more than a couple of instances of characters frustratingly descending into helplessness and incompetence, which I found a little off-putting, especially in Conall (smart, stubborn and rebellious) and Kaylin (Mistress of a secret rebel group). They felt feeble, uninspired and sloppy when they needed to be anything but - when I'd expected them to be anything but.

Then again, this is just the beginning of a much longer story, and I understand that the characters have yet to mature in their given roles. I am still very much interested in what would become of this world and the forbidden love story at the center of it now that demonic forces have been thrown into the equation.

Because despite its flaws, "Fallen Love" really did still shine in all of its strengths and proved to be a rather enjoyable, action-filled urban-fantasy that promises more chaos and conflict, surprises and (hopefully) victories in its next installments. ♥

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Published on February 01, 2020

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