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Everyone's Sleepy but the Baby


Loved it! 😍

Riotously funny and accurate, this is THE book that both parents and children desperately need to stay sane at bedtime!

Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby by Tracy C. Gold and illustrated by Adèle Dafflon speaks to parents of young children everywhere. Watch along helplessly as mom and dad try to tire baby out, only to have baby outlast them on every page. After bathtime, playtime, and a bottle, baby is still wide-eyed and full of energy. With their eyes slowly closing throughout the book, mom and dad, the family dog, and all of baby’s stuffed animals have had enough! Readers will giggle along as baby just. keeps. going

The mark of a great kids’ book is one that speaks to both parents and children alike, and this book nails its message to both audiences. Parents will commiserate and sympathize with the exhausted mom and dad. While young children will love to watch mom and dad desperately try not to fall asleep. Page after page, I found myself smiling and laughing along.

The text is delightfully lyrical and soothing—just what babies and toddlers need to ease them to sleep. Equally on point were the illustrations depicting everyone’s level of exhaustion juxtaposed with scenes of an alert and playful baby. 

My only two concerns include one typo (that was repeated throughout the book) and the cover. I worry that readers may be turned away by the cover design—it lacked a professionality and it didn’t reflect the quality of the story. 

Overall, Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby is a riotously funny and spot-on look at parenthood and bedtime. I recommend it for kids ages 0-5, parents, and as a gift to new moms and dads.

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Sleepy Mommy,
Sleepy Daddy,
Sleepy little dog.
Everyone’s sleepy
But the baby,
Yawn, yawn, yawn.

After a long day, the whole family is ready to hit the hay . . . except for the baby. Why is it so hard to get the baby to sleep? With hilarious illustrations that might hit a little too close to home for new parents, Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby is the perfect, true-to-life bedtime story that will help even the most reluctant sleeper wind down for bed. A great new baby book that will bring laughs at a baby shower!

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Published on March 02, 2021

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