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A humorous novel with brilliant characters worthy of attention from sci-fi fans!

A sci-fi mystery that starts with Fate being bored and creating some peculiar things – like a floating brick, the disappearance of a colony of moles, which are dearly missed, and the vanishing of a secret military base, which nobody misses because it was secret in the first place. Plus, a cake-loving girl accidentally travels across parallel worlds – she eventually gets used to it, but talk about entanglements!

The story catches the reader's attention from the first few chapters. What makes it even better is the author's clever writing style and humor. Exploring these odd occurrences in alternating chapters, the stories collide, creating a novel that gets better as you read along, and by the end of it you cannot help but wish for more.

With great attention to details when it comes to the narrative and the characters, the novel is not only about these weird happenings around the world (plus parallel universes), but it also explores the entanglement between people. One of the main themes of the book focuses on human relationships.

Each character is well-developed and you discover more about them bit by bit in each chapter, although the author is only offering snippets of the characters' thoughts. Even so, they grow on you as you read and progress in the story.

While the ending is definitely satisfying, there are some bits left floating in the air - so there must be a sequel, which I am really excited for because I couldn't put this book down!

The footnotes and the recipes were perhaps my favorite part.

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I'm Andreea, book lover raised in a library by my librarian aunt (and baby-sitter). Books are my favourite gifts to receive and I love to read pretty much everything from non-fiction to new adult, but my all time favourites are fantasy and science fiction.

It all started well enough

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Andrew J Thomas was born in Bristol, England and after writing all his life, became a published novelist with ‘Entanglement’, a quirky mystery with a sci-fi twist which reviews say "blends the wit of Douglas Adams with the sci-fi genius of Terry Pratchett" view profile

Published on September 10, 2019

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Genre: Science Fiction

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