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Daring to Think Again


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An eye-opening look at the faith I thought I knew, and a road map for truly following Jesus.

Daring to Think Again is a must-read for anyone looking for a more vibrant Christian life. David Brisbin makes a powerful comparison of Christianity, particularly Western Christianity, to the songlines of Australia's aboriginal tribes. Songlines are taught to every member of the tribe, and at a certain age, young men of the tribes undergo a rite of passage in the walkabout, where they have the opportunity to test and strengthen what they have been taught until it is theirs. That knowledge, the songlines passed from generation to generation, is internalized. It becomes not just something that can be recited, but rather, principles that literally guide the aborigines on their nomadic journeys. He then contrasts our Christian faith, and discusses how Christianity as Jesus lived and taught it was never meant to be a hidebound set of rules which would confer salvation if only we followed them closely enough. In fact, Jesus himself went walkabout during his years of ministry. We often lose sight of that when we consider faith from our Western viewpoint instead of in the context of the history in which Jesus lived.

I was one of those kids who grew up in church. I was there every time the doors opened. I made my profession of faith when I was eight years old. As a teenager and young adult, I felt fairly secure in my grasp of my faith. I was On the Right Path. And then life happened, and I realized that the borrowed faith I grew up with, and still relied on, was insufficient to answer life's challenges. I wandered away from my faith, wandered back, and now I am learning daily that viewing the Way that Jesus espoused through my skewed lens of Western mindset isn't necessarily accurate.

All of my faith mentors through the years undoubtedly had the best of intentions, and it isn't that what I've learned was incorrect. More like, it was incomplete. As Brisbin says, "people have essentially been taught that their faith is about mental acceptance of a theological idea and their behavior is about obedience to law, like a contract with God." In Daring to Think Again, Brisbin encourages us to look past the thought process that makes faith contingent on our acceptance of it, and abundant life contingent on how well we follow the rules. He suggests that isn't abundant life at all, and that we have to learn to let go of what we thought we believed to follow the Way of Jesus.

Daring to Think Again is a cool drink of water for anyone who's grown up in a legalistic faith background, anyone who is in the process of deconstructing or reconstructing their faith, or anyone who just feels like there must be more to the Christian life. I highly recommend it if you're ready to think outside the box and follow Jesus into a living, active, messy, glorious faith.

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David Brisbin is a pastor, teacher, and musician with a BA in English Lit/Creative Writing and a Masters in Divinity. A published writer and songwriter, he is the teaching pastor at theeffect faith community and executive director of Encompass Recovery, an addiction treatment center in southern CA. view profile

Published on December 02, 2019

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