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Worth reading 😎

This book provides objective information you can trust, provided by a respected medical doctor. It's not completely up-to-date.

This is a tough review to write and a tough book to rate - not because of the book's quality and content but because it's a book.

Information on Covid-19 is, as we know, rapidly evolving. Although there are updates in this book, which has already been published, some of the information is already out of date - specifically, the latest information on vaccines is completely missing. In fact, things are changing so quickly that even this review might not address new developments by the time the book is launched.

Dr. Negm does an excellent job categorizing medical information for the lay reader; for instance, he rates several Covid-19 treatment and prevention methods in terms of usefulness and potential harmfulness, which I believe is the greatest value the book holds. There are nicely-presented grahics as well, and the author's sources are well-documented. When the doctor takes off the lab coat to discuss economics and disparities among the classes, he is not quite so precise. I understand his concepts, but he does not articulate them as well as he conveys purely medical knowledge (which, by the way, is exceptional). The views still hold value, however.

If this information were on a web site with regular updates, I would give it four or five stars; the reason for only three stars, as mentioned earlier, is the choice of a static publication to address a constantly evolving topic; in addition there are some minor language differences which could use some tweaking to become clearer.

The book does provide an interesting snapshot of one point in time during the pandemic, and I would love to see another title written by this intelligent man once we are on the other side of this mountain, with conclusions and analysis of our handling and potentially controlling this scourge.

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The post-Covid era

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Dr. Yasser Negm, an Egyptian-British writer and practicing physician. He has penned various writings that include his visions and views on public affairs, in addition to his health and well-being publications. view profile

Published on October 16, 2020

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