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Conscious Coping


Must read 🏆

Great self help guide that is easy to read and understand. Lots of useful tips and exercises to practice.

Conscious coping is a self help guide for those battling tough time, struggling with mental health issues or just wanting to learn better coping mechanisms for stress and pressures. 

The book starts with an assessment questionnaire to help set a baseline of where your coping style is currently- while this is perhaps simplistic it does help ensure that the book is read with a reflective attitude. 

Written by a practicing psychotherapist, the book is built around the EMBRACE model, a seven step process to be more self aware and ensure your coping is effective. 

Part one of the book seeks to ensure the reader builds commitment to good mental health, through building compassion and managing desire for validation and a desire to control things. 

Each chapter in part 2 covers the EMBRACE model. Each section finishes with questions to encourage reflection on the topic - which I think is really good to engage the reader.

I like the list of behaviours to guard against in the chapter Brief, though having never watched desperate housewives the examples were lost on me. 

Throughout the book is the author’s own narrative, with examples of good and bad times and ineffective and effective coping.

The book draws on theories from elsewhere which is useful - such as practicing gratitude and letting go of things, to practicing meditation and movement each day.

I recommend this book for everyone, even if your mental health is good as there’s tips useful for being able to maintain good mental health too. 

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Laurie Sharp-Page is an author, entrepreneur, and psychotherapist who is passionate about teaching people how to cope more effectively with life’s varied challenges. She loves to find innovative and fun ways to learn more about our mental health and how we cope with it. view profile

Published on May 10, 2022

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