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Close Watch


Loved it! 😍

Nobody likes the feeling of being closely watched or followed but it's terrifying to know when somebody actually breaks into your house!

Close Watch by Signe Christensen is a fictional story about Amber, a normal person trying to live a normal life. After her recent breakup with her boyfriend, Sam, she feels like she is constantly being followed to a point where she feels creeped out in her own house. When she reaches out to the police, it leads nowhere because of the lack of information. However her two friends, Karen and Maya, are a great support. Amber relies on them the most, they are always by her side and try to keep her safe. But after Amber’s several attempts to ignore the feeling of being stalked and being threatened, she decides to escape from the city for a while and spend a few days in her aunt's cottage in Dorset. What happens if this turns out to be a wrong decision?

Close Watch is a page-turning thriller that is easy to read. The story is well narrated, the element of suspense and character building is strong. As a reader I felt dragged into the story right from the start. The book is not too intense, it is lighthearted and entertaining. Even though, you might get the feeling that you know who the stalker is going to be, it is worth reading right till the end!

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Signe Christensen grew up in Denmark, but has spent the past ten years traveling the globe for work. By day she work on board luxury yachts, but her free time is spent on her true passion: writing. view profile

Published on December 09, 2020

80000 words

Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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