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Calliope II: The Engines of War


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SciFi action-adventure that never quits with a strong female protagonist that leads the way and never gives up!

Calliope II: The Engines of War is another excellent Sci-Fi action-adventure story featuring the indomitable Calliope Morrigan. At the end of the first book, Calliope and her crew had just saved humanity from a new and imminent attack by the aliens that had almost crushed the life out of the Earth decades earlier before suddenly leaving, literally disappearing from sight. Now, coming back to the Lunar Colony, a hero, and one of her main rivals out of the picture, she still faces treachery and personal attacks.

I liked that this character is strong and smart and consistently overcomes the roadblocks in her way by being stronger and smarter than her foes. However, Calliope does take direct action against some of the worst of the lot, and although I was initially surprised, the accompanying deep dive into her backstory shows her actions make perfect sense. Calliope is still a vulnerable character, though, and I like her even more for that.

The author’s world-building – the post-alien invasion Earth and especially the Lunar Colony – continues to amaze and entertain me and gives a real sense of place. There is variety, too, some places of serenity, others simply functional but imaginative even in that. When at the Lunar Colony, the sheer, stark desolation of the lunar surface is always looming in the background setting a palpable tone over the actions and events that occur there.

The plot continues seamlessly from where book one left off, but there is a comfortable amount of backstory (enough to get a new reader up to speed but not too much to be a long rehash for return readers) that this story could stand alone. However, the first book is excellent, and I feel it should not be missed. Calliope meets situations head-on and keeps forging ahead, unendingly positive that she can overcome the alien threat and convince and lead humanity to be prepared to fight. This may take the form of her bluntly taking on heads of state and military commanders, and there is always her technical accomplishments and plans for improvement. I don’t know if these plans are mere flights of fancy, but they are exciting and entertaining, to say the least. There is enough tech to make the nerd inside each of us smile but not bore those that prefer character interaction over the nuts and bolts.

If you enjoy a more solidly technical Sci-Fi adventure story with a strong female protagonist that never gives up, Calliope II: The Engines of War (and its predecessor) is for you.

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Published on November 03, 2020

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