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Burying Eva Flores


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A young adult paranormal thriller that puts a terrifying spin on the power of the written word. Who did kill Eva Flores?

If she indeed had some power of story, what would she write next?

It's been said that if you want to test someone's character, give them power. What would you do if the power to control your story is quite literally placed on the very palm of your hand?

This is what happens to Sophia Palmer, the main suspect in the investigations concerning the disappearance of TikTok superstar, Eva Flores. She hates the girl's guts, which is just fair since Eva did ruin her life first. Not that Sophia cares, or so she claims. But when one of her best friends gives her a leather journal that turns out to be a not-so distant cousin of the Death Note, coupled with a story writing project given by her least favorite teacher at school, she just couldn't pass up the opportunity to take her sweet revenge.

But then, wishes do also always come with consequences. And when Sophia's revenge story starts spinning out of control, she also starts losing grip on herself and her own life.

Did she or did she not kill Eva Flores?

Told in multiple points of view supported by video interviews, snippets of text and e-mail messages, voicemails, TikTok clips, and Sophia's accursed story itself, Jennifer Alsever's Burying Eva Flores puts together a mystery novel that intrigues and thrills and makes you want to turn the pages as fast as you can up to the last few pages, when it unfolds into an unexpectedly touching story of growth and selflessness that makes you want to just slow down and feel and learn and grow with the characters.

And at the very heart of it all, it also serves as a reminder not to judge people by what we see on the outside, especially on social media, because we never really know what happens behind closed doors.

A definite must read! I would recommend this book to readers who love their young adult novel with a touch of paranormal and mystery. Anyone who wants a break from their usual preferences may want to check this out, too. Jennifer Alsever really does well in capturing the many (usually unvoiced) fears, pains and secret joys of being young in today's world. ♥

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Professional journalist and author of five young adult novels, including the Trinity Forest Series (Ember Burning, Oshun Rising and Venus Shining) and the standalone paranormal thrillers Extraordinary Lies and Burying Eva Flores. I live in the mountains of Colorado with my husband, dog and teen kid. view profile

Published on March 14, 2022

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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