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Cute, thoughtful story with a great message for families with young children to learn about kindness and differences.

It's no stranger to any of us that bullying is an ongoing issue in today's world. Many of us have been bullied in some shape or form at least once in our lifetime. However, childhood is when we tend to experience bullying the most which can affect the people we become later on in life. This children's book perfectly captures an example of bullying and Ms. Waldron should be applauded for that effort.

Rosaline is the only rose in her garden and gets picked on by the other so-called beautiful flowers in a garden next to her thriving and growing with many flowers. Even the bees seem to ignore her and prefer the others. Until one bee steps in.

This probably doesn't need to be repeated because we have all been taught this growing up. However it's still important to reiterate.

Words matter...and they can hurt, or heal, people.

This story is a perfect example of how mean, nasty, hurtful words can--and do-- hurt other people. This story does have a happy ending, but the entire premise should not be ignored. We need to be kinder to one another, befriending those who are different or alone, showing compassion and standing up for those who need support the most. I think the use of flowers and insects for the characters helps make the story more enjoyable for children, too. Colorful, bright, simplistic and painting a world that would resonate and, hopefully, keep the main message intact in one's memory. It also makes the story more fun! Your little ones will delight in the story from beginning to end and it should serve as a good reminder--and teaching moment--about being respectful and treating others nicely.

Overall, a great read, great message and comforting words for any child being bullied, teaching children how to be friends and learning to accept--not taunt--the differences in each other.

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A bashful and friendly Red Rose called Rosaline is the only rose in the garden. The garden is full of an assortment of flowers, especially a certain flowery group made up of an orange Tulip; a Violet flower, a white Orchid, and a very tall and beautiful Sunflower. Rosaline has been bullied by the flowery group since she budded out of the ground. It has made Rosaline very sad, she doesn't like herself anymore and does not enjoy her daily activities as she used too. One day a swarm of Bumblebees arrives to collect pollen from the flowers, well all but one bumblebee. Bobbee the Bee is different from the other bees. He has a short-wing that makes it difficult to keep up with the other Bumblebees. Bobbee befriends Rosaline and notices how badly the other flower's treat her. Bobbee stands up against the annoying flowers and explains to Rosaline what it means to be different and they quickly become buddies. This inspiring and emotional story is the perfect way to explain to your child how much bullying affects a person. It is a way to show children how to be empathic to someone being bullied.

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Published on April 04, 2020

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