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Bronze Seeks Silver: Lessons from a Creative Career in Marketing


Loved it! 😍

An insightful, engaging, and fun read – would highly recommend it to all creative professionals.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the word of advertising and marketing or even interested to know how iconic brands come to be. I am a marketing professional and have a degree in PR and advertising, so for me this book was a delight to read. Having followed David Ogilvy’s work religiously (I even own some of his books) and binge watched Mad Men, I can say for certain that I know a little about the ad world. Even with that prior knowledge, I found Bronze Seeks Silver an insightful, interesting and engaging read.

Mat Zucker has written the book as his own career journey, his learnings and experiences on the way. I particularly enjoyed moments in the book where as a young professional he comes across an important learning/lesson - remembers it and applies it throughout his career span. Some of these lessons are relevant even to non-marketing professionals. 

Initially while getting into the narrative, I was hoping to see more of Zucker’s personal life. He does mention some relationships and a heartbreak, but it was always touch and go. Now that I have completed the book, I am glad that the personal life was kept out of this book - his professional journey is enough to keep the entertainment going. (For me, I would prefer reading about a birth of a brand over relationships drama any day!)

Through this book the reader also gets an insight into how the marketing world has evolved over the years. Zucker was in the helm of it all, and thanks to his advantageous position, he has mentioned to capture the advent of internet marketing and digital ads.

Overall, an exciting read. I can see myself gifting this book to my friends in the ad-world.

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Mat Zucker is a writer, marketer, and author of Bronze Seeks Silver: Lessons from a Creative Career in Marketing. He has held leadership jobs at agencies and in management consulting, hosts two podcasts (Cidiot and Rising) and contributes to Forbes.com. He lives in New York’s Hudson Valley. view profile

Published on October 06, 2020

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