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Not for me 😔

A short, episodic read focusing on Jenna as she navigates various relationships in her life.

There's much potential in this collection of sketches, but not much plot. The book is arranged in chapters that each focus on the main character's — Jenna's — relationships with various girlfriends, her mother, and her mother's dog, Oscar.

If you're looking for a quick and light read, this may be for you. At times, though, the book reads as a bare bones cataloguing of relationships that sounds more like a journal rather than a developed work of fiction. The character development is minimal, and while the main character does have some fleeting moments of self-awareness and reflection, nothing is well developed. At one point, I did return to the description to ensure I wasn't reading a memoir, as the book doesn't have a clear inciting incident or plot-structure.

That being said, the writing is solid and it does leave me wishing the writer had developed a fuller storyline with more fully realized characters — all good things that indicate this debut work could be a starting point for future novels that are more fully realized.

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Angelic Rodgers lives in L.A. (Lower Arkansas) with her wife, two unruly cats, and two codependent dogs. She is currently working on her sixth novel. You can keep up with her at and on social media (contact points are on her site).


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Published on May 04, 2019

30000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Worked with a Reedsy professional 🏆

Genre: LGBTQ Fiction

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