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Bag Ladies: A Hong Kong Story on Obsession and Grief


Loved it! 😍

Mermaid, handbags, salt-crusted eggs, and sunsets. What's not to love about Hong Kong Bag Ladies by Cherry Rao.

A carefully written imaginative storytelling of sadness, obsession, salted duck eggs, and mermaids. Hong Kong Bag Ladies by Cherry Rao is a story filled with symbolism narrated by a grieving mermaid who is obsessed by a plastic bag lady. Whereas friends and coworkers seem overwhelmed with jobs, responsibilities, and trying to be be like everyone else. The plastic bag lady is happy living in Central making plastic bows in her hair from plastic bags. Crowds and change never seem to affect the plastic bag lady. The mermaid has a friend, who takes a job at a bank, but first buys a Coach purse so she wouldn't be bullied by co-workers. Then one day, just like the bag lady's husband, she goes out into the world to sell salted duck eggs. Later on in the story the mermaid finds her Prince who offers her some salted duck eggs. From that moment on the mermaid is certain she can figure out life's mysteries and problems. She is in love, but then he too goes out into the world to sell salted duck eggs and never returns. The story continues as the mermaid leaves her apartment with her little bag "yearning for bubbles."


I enjoyed the symbolism and imaginative nature of Hong Kong Bag Ladies by Cherry Rao and would recommend it to everyone.

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Bag Ladies

About the author

Cherry Rao is a storyteller, poetess and wordsmith. Rao graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts and English Studies. For a decade, she has worked in the field of art and education as a writer and editor. She resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. view profile

Published on April 08, 2021

3000 words

Genre: Short Story

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