Baby Zebu’s Ears


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This story has two great lessons: there's nothing wrong with looking different and make sure you have a tornado emergency plan.

Baby Zebu entered this world looking slightly different than the other calves; his ears were pinned back. For weeks, his mother unsuccessfully tried to free them. Zebu tried with all their might too. The other animals soon realized even though Zebu looked different, that didn't make Zebu any less lovable, friendly, or playful. Zebu came to accept who they were and how they looked. We should teach our children this lesson while they are young and reinforce it as they grow! 

Zebu explored the meadow, taking in all the colorful sights, sounds, and smells. In his exploration, he noticed something strange but extraordinary; his pinned ears amplified his hearing. He could now hear sounds miles away and far below the ground. 

His newly discovered superpower alerted him when a nasty storm was brewing, unlike any he'd seen before. Zebu tried to warn his friends and family, but no one would listen. Children will empathize with Zebu's plight of not being heard. Sometimes small voices get overshadowed by louder ones, or the person they are talking to is too busy to listen. 

Many children, especially in certain parts of the U.S., are very familiar with tornados, their destructive powers, their roar, their imposing size, and the importance of seeking shelter when one has touched down. Whether you read this book at school, the library, or at home, I encourage you to review and practice your tornado preparedness plan with your young listeners. Tornados are scary, and a solid plan in motion will create less chaos during an overwhelming and frightening experience. 

Luckily, every animal in the meadow survived the turbulent winds and thanked Zebu for saving them. This story reinforces that it's okay to be different. It doesn't make you any less helpful or important. Your difference might give you an advantage over others, like a superpower.

Baby Zebu's Ears by Alana Zimmerman had words and phrases that might be too complex for toddlers and preschoolers: mottled, basked, billowing, and tentative steps firmer. However, the illustrations were bright and eye-catching, and they explained precisely what was happening in the story. 

I think all elementary school children will enjoy listening to the story. I would encourage those living in tornado prone areas to share Baby Zebu's Ears with their children and remember to go over your tornado emergency plan.

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The story of a sweet baby cow named Zebu who is born with oddly pinned back ears that he can’t seem to unpin. He learns even though he is different that his pinned back ears are special and take him on an adventure. Will they help his meadow friends escape danger? A wonderful read for parents to their children at bedtime or as children are learning to read themselves; ages 2-7.

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Published on November 17, 2022

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