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Anti-Aging Medicine: How We Can Extend Lifespan and Live Longer and Healthier Lives


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Anti-Aging Medicine comprehensively presents historical and modern aging theories as a foundation to present methods of lifespan extension.

The effects of aging go beyond external physical changes and extend into the physiological impact on the human body and ultimately the quality of life and life expectancy of an individual. Understanding the purpose and progression of aging allows society to address those changes, ultimately making an impact on the effects of aging.

In this book, Goldsmith aptly presents the various theories that address aging, starting with Darwin and continuing with the later theories of biologists such as Peter Brian Medawar and George C. Williams. The author also provides an extensive background of the schism between earlier and more current theories, which is important to lay the groundwork for how to best address aging using evidence-based research.

When “treating” aging, Goldsmith points to a variety of methods that have been found to impact aging, reviewing the evidence of certain medicines and exercises, to name a few. More importantly, the information is presented in an objective manner presenting not only the influence on aging but also the feasibility of implementing these measures in the current environment. For example, some medicine that has been found to be effective in lab studies use mice and the application to humans is not yet feasible.

The author also provides resources on aging research, which includes an extensive list of research articles, a glossary of terms, and free reading material. After reading this book, the reader will (1) have a clear understanding of aging theories past and present (2) the history of aging theories, which is important to understand aging research (3) the differences between programmed aging (or adaptive aging) and non-programmed (or non-adaptive) and the impact of each theoretical foundation on interventions (4) the stratification of ailments by age groups and (5) evidence-based interventions to address aging.

With the amount of research that is presented in this book, along with the theoretical concepts that are expanded upon, this book is recommended for an individual who wants to learn about anti-aging on a higher level. Having a general understanding of research terms, evidence, medical, and scientific terms would also be important to appreciate the breadth of the material presented. I would define Anti-Aging Medicine: How We Can Extend Lifespan and Live Longer and Healthier Lives as a reference book for anti-aging theories and interventions. 

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Theodore C. Goldsmith is an independent researcher who has been studying and writing about the evolutionary nature of aging since 1997. His particular area of scientific interest concerns the digital nature of biological inheritance and its implications regarding the nature of evolution. view profile

Published on August 31, 2020

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