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Worth reading 😎

A good tale that needs a bit of work, but the imaginary quality is exceptional and the writer's talent for inventing things is unbelievable

I enjoyed this wonderful tale about an imaginary world that comforts a boy while he is going through a devastating time in his life. This story is sure to delight movie makers who need an unclichéd story to make their next box office hit!


In the story, Another World, Henry, a little boy with no friends in real life, has three imaginary friends: Myena, Bluey, and Velly, who are Henry's best and only friends. They are always there for him. But things are changing in Henry's world and they need to help Henry find some real friends to help him adapt to the changing circumstances around him. The imaginary friends cannot do it alone. They will have to solicit the help of some fairies to help Henry take a chance on some real friends. However, The Wind, is trying to stop them in order to keep Henry in a dark secret place. His imaginary friends will have to figure out The Wind's deceptive plot and fight for their friends' freedom and happiness.


The story is a children's story; yet, it can be classified as a psychological thriller that can help adults, as well as children, see how much children suffer when decisions are made which are outside of their control. While the story does need some editing, in terms of development and copyediting, I believe there is both value and place for this story.


I am also convinced that if the author had included drawings, this could have helped the story even more. Each chapter could begin with a drawing that guides the chapter and encourage the young reader's delight. This would reduce the writer's need to spend time explaining things like portals. Nonetheless, the writer's creative genius shines through.


The imaginary quality of this story is exceptional and the writer's talent for inventing things is unbelievably extraordinary. Never judge a book by its cover!

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Published on February 01, 2021

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