An Elephant for Emma


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This poetic story is a lovely way to enhance children’s appreciation for some of the majestic, endangered species in the world.

As the global climate changes, many of the world’s great creatures are in danger of extinction. In this poetic picture book, twenty-six endangered animals are introduced and connected to popular children’s names. From an Anteater for Anna to a Zebra for Zachary, the animals in this book cover the entirety of the alphabet and span the Earth, as well. By reading this book, children will learn about many of the beautiful animals on the Earth and will feel connected to them thanks to the inclusion of specific human names.

Written for an early elementary school-aged audience, longer poems provide detail about all of the twenty-six animals included in this story. Each poem begins with the same stanza, then transports readers to the land where the featured animal is naturally found. The lines rhyme loosely, and the meter varies throughout each poem. Though this prevents readers from sinking into a comfortable rhythm, there is still a wealth of information to be found on each page. An additional review of the punctuation would be helpful to amend several errors in this book.

Friendly illustrations help readers to build connections with each of the animals listed, encouraging a desire to preserve the habitats in which these animals live. The text is occasionally obscured by the colors used in the illustrations, but careful reading can illuminate these words. 

At the end of the book, readers will find a list of the human names used along with their meanings. The author has chosen some of the more popular names for children in the target age group to maximize the potential for discovering a familiar name in the book. In addition, a glossary of the more academic terms used in the book is included, helping to increase the understanding of these poems. A lovely way to enhance children’s appreciation for some of the majestic, endangered species in the world, this poetic introduction is accessible to readers both young and old.

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A world without zebras and koalas? Unthinkable. Building on children's natural love of animals and learning, An Elephant for Emma is a rhyming, exploration into the lives of endangered species around the globe from A-Z. This book can be enjoyed for it's illustrations, simple reading fun or a great inquiry based tool in the classroom. Teachers, parents and children alike are sure to enjoy this adventure designed to inspire the preservation of these animals habitats.

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I love my family, career, outdoor activities, wonders of the natural world, reading and writing. I hope that we can all work together to preserve endangered species for our children to enjoy, not just read about in books. view profile

Published on February 12, 2021

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