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Amazon Ads for Authors: Unlock Your Full Advertising Potential


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Definitely the most comprehensive and up-to-date book I have ever read about Amazon Advertising!

Ricardo Fayet’s book “Amazon Advertising for Authors: Unlock Your Full Advertising Potential” addresses the major issues encountered by authors in promoting their books through Amazon Ads.

Why is it that despite its potential, many authors easily give up on using Amazon Ads? If it’s one of the major ways to promote one’s book, why isn’t it the preferred way by many authors?

Fayet’s book aims to answer the above questions as he navigates his way through the seemingly complex process of creating advertising campaigns, monitoring the results, and optimizing one’s profitability.

As someone who has helped other people in their advertising campaigns, Fayet discusses with a tone of authority and experience. He clearly demonstrates first-hand knowledge when it comes to Amazon Ads and helps the reader through step-by-step procedures, definition of basic terms and the use of actual screenshots and various illustrations. He has even included a free resource for spreadsheets that can assist the author in one’s advertising campaigns.

It is by far the most comprehensive book on Amazon Advertising that I have ever read. He covers the basic principles as well as the more complex challenges that come along with using Amazon Ads. Although I have already set up several Amazon campaigns, I was still able to learn something new from this book.

For those who are just starting to learn about Amazon Advertising, I suggest that you read the initial chapters devoted by the author to properly introduce the concept as well as the potential of creating advertising campaigns through Amazon. There is no need to fear because the author writes in an easy-to-follow language and tone. He also sets the reader’s expectations for the book from the very start.

For those who have already tried Amazon Ads, you can easily find the chapter that could help you to better understand the topics you want to focus on. There is also a part of the book that walks you through some sample campaigns that could be similar to the one you have in mind.

In the end, the book is realistic enough to let the readers know the many factors they need to consider when promoting their books through Amazon Ads. It cites various examples that could guide them to determine whether an advertising campaign would be profitable for them or not.

Before you start your very first advertising campaign, or before you finally give up, I suggest you read this book first. You may just be glad you did.

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Published on January 09, 2023

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