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"Alvarado" by John W Horton is a really great work in the realm of literature.

"Alvarado" by John W Horton is a story

of a young journalist from Los Angeles.

The story revolves around the narrator's memories from his past and his present life. He tells us about his childhood, his father and relationship with his girlfriend,

"My last dreams were about Iko and all the love we shared... nightmares that haunted my sleep. I thought I could see people, but I really couldn’t see anyone and they couldn’t really see me...a friend once told me not to become the Steppenwolf but because Iko was gone ... I didn’t give a fuck anymore and I ate another magic mushroom."

He gives us a real picture of his estranged relationship with his father. It's a story full of emotions, aspirations, love and love-hate relationships.

"There are so many things that have been ruined by my emotions. I had to kick myself sometimes."

Sometimes, it becomes hard for us to leave someone or something that has a strong impact on ourselves. The same can be applied to the narrator's devotion for her girlfriend. And it becomes impossible for him to forget about her.
"Her hair slowly changing to black and shoulder length and I could do nothing but look at her."

The story is really enchanting. The author portrays a fantastic picture of a young man.

The story reveals a real battle of a man with the struggles of his life. The battle is the invisible one, that he fights internally. Like a real drama, the novel engages the readers by making them wonder with surprise at the sudden twits of the plot.

It reminds me of the famous novel, "Portrait of an artist as a young man."

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I’m a recently independently published author. My novel Alvarado was published this year. I’m currently an MA TESOL student at California State University Dominguez Hills. Sometimes I do freelance writing. I’m an avid cyclist and I love music and cinema. view profile

Published on September 11, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: African American Fiction

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