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Access Point


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A psychological thriller that will leave your head spinning, heart palpitating, and lungs gasping! Your mind might never feel at ease again.

I've never felt so twisted! In all honesty, I haven't read such an amazing psychological thriller since Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn; and, despite my having given Gone Girl a 5 star review I actually hated it. My visceral disdain precisely why I praised it.

Where I hated the characters in Gone Girl I came to feel for, appreciate, like, and enjoy (for the most part) the characters in Access Point. I have not seen the movie version of Gone Girl and haven't felt compelled to; but, I would see a movie version of Access Point in a heartbeat!

You have an inkling something is amiss fairly early on within this book's pages; but, much like the main protagonist, Mia, you can't quite put your finger on your disquiet. Just as you begin having an inkling of what might be going on; let me be the first to tell you: "You can't be more wrong!"

The story-line, as a whole, drew me in, held me close, and wouldn't let me go. It was spine-tingling, goose-bump raising, and had me looking over my shoulder. One must always be aware: Be aware of self, ones surroundings, others you come into contact with; check in with your gut instincts, trust your intuition, it's better to be thought of as paranoid than to end up dead! Always be willing to back-pedal, change your direction, and flee when necessary. If the hairs on your arms and the nape of your neck stand up; well, it's high time you find a way out!

Moments of great importance are strategically well hidden in plain sight; and, don't resurface until they must. Everything matters. Pay close attention; and, even then, you'll most likely be deceived.

This book does indeed have some explicit content, some slight homosexual overtures; however, the homosexuality spotlighted is done so in a tasteful manner in which one completely understands how the feelings from one main protagonist to another come about and the whys behind it. If nothing else, in regards to the above aforementioned (mainly one-sided) relationship, you walk away with a sense of empathy and sympathy.

There are some minor editing errors; however, with a story-line that's as good as this one they can be easily overlooked. This book is solid, strong, and tight. The conversations throughout are believable, the characters well developed, and there are no loose ends. Absolutely, a must read!

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Published on April 01, 2020

Published by JMS Books

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Psychological Thriller

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