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A-MUSED: My Big Fat Greek Mythology


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A mystical and unpredictable romance filled with ancient gods and goddesses.

A-Mused: My Big Fat Greek Mythology is a mystical and unpredictable romance filled with ancient gods and goddesses. 

Rani heads to Greece with her dear friend, Hayden, for a much-needed vacation. She begins to hear strange music and voices asking her to free them that no one else can. With nothing but a simple “Okay. Poof, you’re free. Now leave me alone,” Rani releases the voices. What ensues is a rollick of dreamy romance, attacks from strange dogs, and stalkers. 

As Rani uncovers who she is, she looks for a way to help restore peace among the gods and defeat the villain, Typhon. Rani grows throughout the novel, making her not only a likable character but a realistic one, even if she is dealing with Greek myths. Meanwhile, the comedy launched in Rani’s dealings with the various gods and goddesses invites a beautiful array of characters; each has their own level of wit and depth. 

With all gods, there is always a matter of pride that often gets in the way of their happiness. Rogers uses that element to create a sweeping romance of two people torn apart by the love and desire to protect one another. The fantasy remains sweet throughout and always a side aspect of the overall arc of Rani finding and loving herself.

Glenda Rogers handles the plot and characters with expertise in a book chock full of Greek mythology, astronomy, and sweet romance. Her affection for the subject matter shows. There is music, laughter, whimsy, and hardship, making A-Mused a well-rounded little rom-com. 

The pace is lightning fast without lacking detail. Things pick up once Rani returns home to New York, and the litany of mythological Greeks truly vie for her attention. There is something unique about Rani’s whimsical adventure. Even though the subject matter is familiar, the gods and goddesses relatively well known, Rogers takes the time to unravel a new perspective. 

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Glenda has traveled to 55 countries. Her passion for mythology erupted on an outing to Pompey. She lives the exotic life in Mexico with her own Apollo (a lover of the arts traveling under the pseudonym of Ted), her golden retriever, Sassy (short for Sassanach), and her English Setter, Chaucer. view profile

Published on June 17, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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