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A Choice of Blades (The Blade Remnant, Book 1)


Worth reading 😎

A must read for fans of shapeshifter lore born in a complex and dynamic world!

A Choice of Blades (the Blade Remnant, Book 1) by D.N. Woodward struck a cord with me from the very beginning. It may be due to my own ties to West Texas, and the love I have for that area in general, but D.N. Woodward did a fantastic job of painting the picture and setting the scene - not just in the beginning, but throughout the book.

Leon, the main character, is a simple young man wanting to make his own way, but feels tied. Tied to the man who raised him. Tied to the land. Tied to a past he doesn't even remember. As events unfold, he finds himself thrown into sudden inexplicable changes that he struggles to understand and maneuver through. When the lives of the people he cares about are put in danger, he does the best he can to overcome his own fears and doubts to help set things right.

A Choice of Blades is a complex story set in two worlds, but the author did a fantastic job of setting both scenes and keeping the story going without too much exposition. His development of his main character was really well done, but the development of many of the supporting characters fell flat, making them unbelievable and hard to relate to, or even develop an opinion about. For example, the two main gals in the story: there was plenty of interaction with them, and yet, nothing that invested me in them, so when one of them became Leon's love interest, I was actually caught off guard.

The only other concern was the numerous occasions where the author lost track of who was doing what, and the fact that there were so many characters that it was hard to keep track of who was who and who was doing what at any given moment.

Still, the writing was well done. I loved the premise of the blades in the lore of shapeshifters. I also loved the premise of massive old trees being portals between parallel worlds. The imagery and the world building was really well done, and there were very few grammatical errors.

Overall, I still quite enjoyed A Choice of Blades, and I look forward to the next book in the series. I recommend this book for fans of shapeshifters, werewolves, and so on. You're in for a unique treat.

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D.N. Woodward, or Danny as his friends know him, is a native Texan who still resides in the central Texas area. Writing was initially another hobby in a long string of hobbies which he started a few years back, but during the pandemic it somehow morphed into a habit he can’t seem to kick. view profile

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