A Billion Hours of Good: Changing The World 14 Minutes At A Time


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This is a guidebook on how to respond compassionately, courageously and creatively to the needs of the world 14 minutes at a time.

A Billion Hours of Good: Changing The World 14 Minutes at A Time by Chris Field is a thoughtfully written guidebook on how to create a lasting contribution to humanity 14 minutes at a time. Each chapter is well-placed and builds into a gradual crescendo as it leads you to examine your own journey. This book clarifies your purpose and helps you find your place in a world that needs everyone's contribution to push humanity forward. It explains why compassion, courage, and creativity are necessary values that need to be learned. He details an effective, tried and tested, replicable process of getting people on board with any inspired plan. Stories of challenges and victories cited were insightful and illuminating. The book's gentle persuasion will eventually get you to realize that within each of us is a capacity for greatness by choosing to utilize just 14 minutes a day to help the world.

Throughout the book, I can hear a great mentor speaking kindly, truthfully, and knowingly. His experience as a change advocate is felt throughout the book. I highlighted quite extensively because I discovered stunning insights and great reminders within the book. I truly think that this book is a gem. It is inspired work and it deserves a place on your bookshelf.

This book is for people who are looking for their North Star, for those who have found it but lack the courage to show up, for those who are actively doing humanitarian work but don't know what to do next, and for those who have creative ideas to put out there but are challenged by how to get other people on board with their innovative solutions. It is for those who have failed in their attempts and do not know where to begin again. It is for anyone searching for meaning in this world.

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Chris Field is an author, speaker, modern day abolitionist, non-profit innovator, business consultant, college lecturer, four time Guinness world record holder, viral sensation, twenty six time marathoner, and ice cream lover. He is the author of "A Billion Hours of Good" and "Disrupting for Good." view profile

Published on June 08, 2021

Published by Leafwood Publishers

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