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Themes and motifs might sound like fodder for a high school English test, but the best writers — and the most discerning readers — recognize their power: they can transform a string of sentences into literature, investing chains of happenstance with meaning and depth.

If you’re in need of a quick refresher, a theme is the central idea that animating a text, while a motif is a symbol, image, or plot structure that recurs throughout it. All novels have themes, and many make use of motifs, but our Reedsy Discovery reviewers have homed in on the indie reads with the strongest and most resonant themes and motifs. If you’d like a master-class on turning a story into a work of literary art, look no further than their elegant, artfully executed picks.

If you find a reviewer whose top-notch curation of themes and motifs has you looking at literature through new eyes, don’t forget to give them a “follow”. That way, their remarkable recommendations can become a motif in your reading life.

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