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Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog


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"Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog" is a laugh-out-loud picture book full of action, adventure, and death-defying illustrations.

Most people have watched videos online or on tv featuring energetic dogs who are a handful once the leash snaps onto their collar. They drag their humans off porches, across lawns, and down streets, sending them flying in all directions. Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog by John Brewer features a white pooch who takes its owner on a wild ride around town. 

Zoe might be small, but don't let their looks fool you; this doggie is no calm walker. The second Edna slipped on her glasses, Zoe was off to the races. The duo rushes past delivery men, grocery clerks, laundry ladies, jump-roping kids, and many others. Edna flew here, there, and everywhere, and the illustrations for the crazy journey were very humorous. 

Despite Edna's run-in with power lines, clotheslines, and billboards, she emerged unscathed from the sticky predicaments. Each altercation led to a positive outcome, earning a well-deserved thank you. For example, at the grocery store, her speed helped wrangle multiple shopping carts. Edna also assisted a mailman by delivering a package. Her most impressive act was her topiary skills. She made trimming two bushes to look like a duck and goose seem easy!

Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog is an imaginative book about an adorable canine and their human who assist their community in unexpected ways. The non-stop action and pictures will make your child giggle. Amazon's recommended reading age is 3-7, but I can see an even wider viewing audience enjoying the antics of the owner and pet. 

While the illustrations were phenomenal and full of hilarity, I wanted a final image of a sleeping Zoe next to her frazzled-looking owner. I think that image would've been a perfect non-verbal response to the question posed at the end of the story. Besides a small illustration request, this story was a home-run hit! 

Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog is a laugh-out-loud picture book full of action, adventure, and death-defying illustrations. 

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Zoe is a little white dog with a whole lotta pull! Every time Edna takes her pup Zoe for a walk, Zoe takes Edna on a wild ride through town. Their journey wreaks helpful havoc on everyone from delivery men to grocery clerks, laundry ladies to jump-roping kids...but the main message is always about helping people in unexpected ways. In Zoe the Pull--Leash Dog, the cartoon illustrations are vivid, poor Edna's flying poses are hilarious, and Zoe remains an adorable can-do canine throughout it all.

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Published on June 27, 2023

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