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You're Either Walking the Walk or Just Running Your Mouth!


Loved it! 😍

You're Either Walking The Walk or Just Running Your Mouth is a great way to learn how to walk as Jesus walked, both in word and deed.

You're Either Walking The Walk or Just Running Your Mouth by Todd Linn takes a closer look at the book of James, exploring what it means to truly walk out your faith. Linn breaks down several verses, explaining through expository teaching what a passage means and the various ways that those verses can and should be walked out in the Christian walk.

What I Liked: Each chapter was clearly outlined, showing the reader what to expect as the chapter explored the book of James. I especially appreciated the explanation of what it means that "faith without works is dead," and what that would actually look like in a Christian who is walking the talk. The chapters are also very well supported through both scripture and through allegory and various quotes from other theologians. You're Either Walking The Walk or Just Running Your Mouth is very clear, so that even new Christians or non-Christians studying the Bible can understand what is being explained.

What Could Have Been Added: While reading You're Either Walking The Walk, I hoped to see more teaching regarding rich people. It was very limited, and didn't go into much detail as to what the expectation is for those of us who have wealth, either in monetary or property value. When he was discussing James' condemnation of rich people, it felt very empty. Throughout the rest of the book, Linn did a great job in laying out the foundation for what Christian living should look like, but his chapter on wealth felt flat.

Why You Should Read This Book: You're Either Walking The Walk or Just Running Your Mouth is a great foundational book into what the Christian should live toward, and it's also a great reminder for older Christians about what we should already be striving towards. It's well laid out, with a little guide for salvation that can help us either talk to our friends and family who have not yet been saved, or for those of us who are studying the bible to ask God to save us. It's not overly preachy, which is something that I really appreciated.

You're Either Walking The Walk or Just Running Your Mouth is worth a read, if only just to refresh our memory about what the book of James says, because so often we forget.

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Chapter 1: When Facing Trials

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Todd Linn is an author and minister with over 23 years of pastoral experience. He has a pastor’s heart and a love for the Word. While having earned a PhD from the highly acclaimed Southern Seminary, Linn writes in a popular style that combines scholarship, humor, and practical application. view profile

Published on June 30, 2020

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