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You Name It: How to Experience Fulfillment In Every Area of Your Life While Being Contagiously Gold


Must read 🏆

An awesome self-help book! Informative, encouraging and an enjoyable read too.

This book teaches a lot of lessons, particularly on how you can liberate yourself just by actively changing your mindset to something more optimistic and determined. I love how this book appreciates the importance of self-affirmations, since they can have such a great impact on your mood first thing in the morning and yet it is so simple and takes nothing just to tell yourself that you believe in yourself. This book certainly gives off good vibes as it encourages you to take hold of your life for yourself and start being a lot more self-positive in order to achieve your goals. Facing fears, changing your social group for the better, or even appreciating alone time without falling into a chasm of loneliness can all play a life-changing role in your journey towards your best self. A lot of key factors in this transformation are discussed in great detail but also in a way that really reaches out to the reader with a motivational, supportive tone.

The author insists that there is always room for self-improvement when it comes to all-consuming stress, overwhelming anxieties, depression and other obstacles to inner peace. I just love that the message throughout is that it is up to the individual to make these changes, not their environment or society: "You have a responsibility to pull yourself together" as the author states and it takes real strength to do so, yet once you have, there is a genuine sense of accomplishment.

The book is packed with well-written, sophisticated yet easy to read life lessons and encouragements, giving plenty of advice on how a person can (and should) put themselves in an environment where they can thrive and not conform. Again, it is the person's responsibility to choose this for themselves and I find this a very valuable take-away. In fact the book is filled with poignant quotes to help the reader along their way. I also liked the cute lists of the author's book and movie recommendations at the end of the book.

My favourite chapter has to be 31, How You Can Save/ Change The World. In this chapter, the author stresses that a genuinely good person will feel an emotional responsibility to do something proactively good about what is going on around them. There is a great lesson within this chapter especially. I will not, however, become a vegan as the writer pleads, despite the strong arguments! That is just a personal choice, but I am glad the arguments in favour of the lifestyle are included in this book for those who are considering a more ethical diet and lifestyle.

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Tarik is a student of life and has spent the last five years studying the likes of exceptional individuals who rose from unfavorable circumstances. He has traveled through depths of self – with the purpose of discovering the infinite supply we hold within, so that he may help others do the same. view profile

Published on August 08, 2020

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