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You Can Choose Your Own Life: Stories for Decision Making


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"Choose your own adventure" kind of a book that helps children imbibe moral values and understand decision making in a fun, interactive way

As a child the most confusing part of decision making involves differentiating between right and wrong. The younger the child is, the more abstract the logic becomes. So mostly conditions are applied to demonstrate to them what behaviour is acceptable in society and what isn't. For instance, one uses the system of rewards and punishment to reinforce this understanding. If you do a good thing, you shall be rewarded or praised in front of your peers but if you do a bad thing, you will face the consequences of being punished, such as having your videogames confiscated or getting grounded for a week.

This book applies this concept and explores through five different interactive stories how one is supposed to act in a particular situation. The language is simple and lucid making it easily accessible to young audiences. Further, providing the option of three distinct choices helps the participant/reader to engage in the whole process very naturally and allows them to try out every possibility in order to learn the outcomes each route will lead them to.

Children often enjoy adventures and this book beautifully fits in with their urge to satisfy a never-ending curiosity about things despite the risks. In reality the stakes are a lot higher, the punishment scathing and the rewards rare, but through the medium of stories, these young readers are able to make decisions for themselves in a safe manner.

The best part about this book is that it highlights some of the major issues in life, including domestic violence, cyberbullying and handling substance abuse. While these are serious subjects, school children require awareness of such social issues to be equipped intellectually when facing a similarly sensitive situation themselves. These stories prepare them for the uncertain future outside of the safe bubble they grow up in and lets them develop an ability to realise that they have a choice, and they are responsible for whatever action they choose to undertake.

Interesting and engaging in its approach, this book is recommended for both middle-school students and educators who wish to bring up more thought provoking interactions in their classrooms.

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