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Wounded Angels


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Two very different women are drawn together by circumstance and tragedy, and find healing in unlikely friendship.

Wounded Angels is a heart-warming story of two women whose traumatic childhoods lead them on two very different paths in adulthood. Maureen is a well-mannered, if slightly repressed, wife, and mother who has apparently done everything the 'right' way – the safe way. Very much in love with her husband, on good terms with her grown-up children, she has her life in order.

In contrast, Doris is loud, pushy, wears too much make-up, and wishes her estranged husband would die a painful death as soon as possible. She lives alone in a vast sterile mansion, with no means of support other than an uncanny ability to recognise treasures in yard-sales and on-sell them at great profit.

The women meet at a neighbourhood seniors centre and find that they have little in common to begin with, but gradually strike up a cautious friendship. Then tragedy strikes Maureen, and she loses her beloved husband. Her perfect life spirals violently into depression, loneliness, and despair. On the verge of suicide, she receives a timely phone call from Doris, who does not take no for an answer. The story follows the journey this unlikely duo takes toward healing, adjusting, and recovering a semblance of normal life through friendship and acceptance of each other’s differences.

The author paints a very detailed picture of each woman, her past, her personality, and her coping mechanisms for surviving through harrowing experiences. They seem so very different on the surface, but surprising similarities are uncovered as they begin to confide in one another and allow their true selves to emerge from the shadows. Elements of love, grief, hope, loneliness, kindness, and fear take their turns as the tale winds its way gently to a conclusion, and the reader is left a little sorry that it ends.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the inner workings of people's minds, as I found it insightful and honest in its portrayal. There are no explicit scenes or overly offensive language, and the story will have appeal to a broad audience of readers.

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I published, Wounded Angels, in January 2020, have it on Discovery and welcome your reviews. My other books include Amanda’s Room, the abridged, Traveler’s Edition, and my co-authored textbook, Fire Behind Bars. My poem, Miner’s Lament, took third place in the worldwide Writer’s Digest competition. view profile

Published on January 14, 2020

Published by Elm Hill division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing

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Genre: Literary Fiction

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