Women Utopia: The Feminists are Here to Exterminate


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A dystopian novel that explores a modern society that seeks to annihilate males from humanity.

"Women Utopia: The Feminists are Here to Exterminate" by Wendy Wee is a dystopian novel that explores a modern society that seeks to annihilate males from humanity. 

Ramona grows up in a futuristic world with modernistic attitudes towards women as being less-than men. It is hinted that there had been an uprising in recent history, but that the men had managed to overcome the women and continue with their culture as usual.

From her childhood to her adulthood, Ramona has been treated as second-class human because of her gender. She remembers being shamed at a birthday party when she was ten. She was curious about the rotating fan in her friend's home, and asked the mother questions about how it worked, and wondered if she would be allowed to take it apart to figure it out. The dismissive nature of the mother and the teasing and bullying she endured from her peers for daring to be a female who asked questions taught her to attempt keeping her thoughts to herself.

As a young adult, she goes to a job interview. It is rare for a woman to obtain a job, but she is dedicated to trying. She is quickly turned away, and when she persists, she is subjected to a rambling lecture of the weakness of women.

"It’s biology’, he said, eyeing her up and down in condescension. "You can’t help it. You’d eventually get knocked up—we can’t even predict when—then you’d need time off to recover and breastfeed. We could keep you, but then we’d be one person short. We’d replace you, but the new hiring process would be a waste of resources. Also, PMS and period pains interfere with productivity."

Ramona lifts herself up from her meekness and continues her plea for a job. The men discuss this amongst themselves, but they are all in agreement.

"If you let this one in, the rest will want in too! In no time, you’ll have so many women working, and it’ll be the same as last time. No damn way we’re going back to the dark ages of crazy feminists! 'Oooh, all the men in the world are harassing me! Why is everyone so unfair to me? Me, me, me.' Argh, sickening!"

As she leaves the interview, a man offers his sense of compassion. "It’s not your fault you’re a woman. It’s just the way it is." 

Jobless with no meaningful future ahead, something unexpected happens. Ramona is invited to work for a wealthy man - her mother is impressed that he can afford to keep over a hundred wives. Her family gives her a sexy makeover before she leaves.

In the mansion and new environment, there is an inner world of women who allow themselves to be used and abused by the men. It is their goal to plan and devise strategies for freedom. But in the meantime, they acquiesce to the enemy of manhood, biding their time until their revolution can begin.

Ramona meets Jo, a woman who leads a private female militia. “‘I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. You are my sisters and it’s my duty to keep you from harm...Our day will come. I promise you. We will be out of the shadows."

Jo's command of the militia is shocking to Ramona. When more horrors of violence by men against women become evident, Ramona is outraged.

Unfortunately, she falls in love with an elite young man who has every right by their system to keep her under his control. Ramona also has a brother whom she loves. She is torn between her growing rage at how females are mistreated in this empowered male society, and maintaining her affection for the few men she does love and trust.

Peer relationships in the female militia flounder as Jo becomes not just a leader, but a man-like warlord. The women question if their goal for male extermination is the best option after all.

This book included a well-woven blend of futuristic technology and sci-fi inventions. It juxtaposed in a meaningful way with the "old fashioned" and modern ways of thinking and acting that demean women. 

The book was slow to start, and often felt choppy. The plot was an interesting fable of what could be if women reversed the power with men in a society that assumes the weakness of females.  

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Wendy Wee was born and raised in Malaysia, where she currently lives in. Women Utopia is her debut novel. view profile

Published on July 22, 2019

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