Women of the Irish Rising: A People's History


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Women of the Irish Rising: A People's History is a real page turner that you do not want to miss.

It is not a secret that I love History, so when I see a book within that genre, I am instantly attracted. Something else that caught my eye about this book was the fact that this is a book about Irish history and more specifically, Irish women during 1916.

As someone who decided to study ancient history in university, I am always happy to learn about historical periods and events that are unknown to me and Women of the Irish Rising: A People's History is a book you do not want to miss if you love history, or if you are looking for a well-researched and wonderfully written book. From what I was able to gathered from reading not only the book, but the bibliography, the author, Michael Hogan, is using many great historical sources, and as a history nerd, I love that. I love the fact that I can research the journals or articles if I want to learn more, and I do.

Something else that I truly enjoyed while reading this book, and that in my opinion enhances the reading experience, are the many photographs, illustrations and even newspaper clippings included throughout. For me, an image makes me want to dive deeper into a book simply because they make me even more curious about whatever it is that I am reading. Images can also help make the reading experience easier for those who don't usually read this type of books.

I am not familiar with many books about Irish history but without a doubt, Women of the Irish Rising: A People's History by Michael Hogan was a great introduction to this area previously unknown to me. I know that I will be adding more books about Irish history to my reading list and I will certainly be keeping an eye on Michael Hogan's future work, because I am enjoyed his writing style. To anyone who loves history, I encourage you to read this book and even if you are not a fan of history, this is wonderful book to ad to your reading list.

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Michael Hogan is the author of twenty-six books, including the best-selling Irish Soldiers of Mexico which has been the basis of an MGM movie and three documentaries. He is Emeritus Humanities Chair at the American School Foundation of Guadalajara. view profile

Published on March 01, 2022

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