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Wizardoms: Eye of Obscurance


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Blindsided by a heist gone wrong, Jace Landish can only save his life by completing a job that will almost certainly get him killed.

Jerrell “Jace” Landish is a thief of renown with a reputation and a streak of luck that won’t quit—until a heist goes bad. To make amends, he must kill a wizard lord: an enchanter imbibed daily with the power of a god. Instead of completing the job alone, which is the only way he operates, Jace is forced to work with three partners who are all not quite what they seem.

As the first book in a series, Wizardoms: Eye of Obscurance chronicles the beginning of the apocalypse in the lands of the Eight Wizardoms. Readers are treated to a unique magic system and political hierarchy as they meet a unique cast of characters: a revenge-bound acrobat, a dwarf who wields forgotten magic, a storyteller who is more than he appears, and a wizard princess with no kingdom.

Although this book is the first in a projected series of seven, it contains its own conflict and resolution, with an ending that closes the story while leaving room for the sequel. The characters are well-drawn and believable. I enjoyed getting to know them and trying to predict their responses and reactions. The fact that my predictions were often wrong meant the story wasn’t predictable, which made me enjoy it even more.

As epic fantasy with a heist motif, I recommend this story for readers who enjoy traditional fantasy with a fresh take on genre tropes.

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Jeffrey L. Kohanek is a bestselling author who grew up in Minnesota where comic books and fantasy epics featuring heroes overcoming impossible odds sparked his wild imagination. Now residing in southern California, Jeff weaves tales of magic and intrigue to inspire the child within us all. view profile

Published on October 01, 2019

Published by Fallbrandt Press

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