Within the Flame


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With everything that is currently happening in the world, this tale of survival is almost too realistic for comfort.

When the world around you turns to chaos and everything you once relied upon is swept away, how do you cope with what is left? How do you survive in an almost alien landscape that is still your planet? Who can you trust and what alliances will be beneficial to help you rebuild?

These are some of the questions I contemplated while reading Within the Flame, a chillingly realistic perspective piece about surviving a cataclysmic event that turns earth into a dystopian nightmare. Lead character, James, is thrust into a situation where he not only needs to depend upon those skills he has, which he learned as a martial arts student, but those of others as well. Particularly, Charlotte, whom he meets after his world is turned upside down.

Charlotte and James follow a somewhat predictable story line, learning to deal with their new reality while exploring the developing feelings they have for each other. The other characters they, as well as the reader, meet along the way are well-developed. Some are charismatic, some just plain annoying, much like the people we meet along our day to day lives. Its a satisfying story arc that has a few unanticipated twists. 

With everything that is currently happening in the world, this tale of survival is almost too realistic for comfort. Entirely plausible, the action-driven plot leads to a somewhat anticlimactic ending, but leaves the door open for a sequel, which could expand on this beginning in many intriguing directions. 

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Published on July 07, 2020

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