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The best mix of love and war, werewolf, and demon hunter style. A must-read!

Wildest, by Carrie Thorne, is not your typical werewolf story. It is book two in A Demon Hunter Romance Trilogy. You do not have to read the first book, but it will clear up a few things within the storyline. Our main characters are Astrid Edmonds, the fierce demon hunter, and Boden Connery, the ever-loving werewolf.  

Astrid was raised that all demons are bad. So, when she gets sent to do a solo recon, she gets the shock of a lifetime when she meets Boden. Feral werewolves are wreaking havoc in National Parks and small towns in Montana, where Boden lives. What is a girl to do when everything she thought she knew is wrong?   

Astrid and her team, along with Bodie and his family must strategize and then race to stop what they know nothing of. They have never seen Feral’s of this capacity before. Can they all get along? Is that love suddenly in the air? How can this be? And who is the leader of the new Feral Army?  

Those questions are what makes Astrid my favorite character. She gets thrust into this situation that questions everything she has been taught and worked for. Not once does she forget who she is while struggling with this newfound information, and people she doesn’t know if she can trust. For every question, she finds either an answer or a solution. She also asks outright when things don’t add up.  

I am awarding this book 5 stars. It is well-written and well-edited. It contains explicit language, adult situations, and violent and graphic fight scenes making this book inappropriate for young readers. I loved the action scenes. It felt like I was there, involved with the fight, instead of sitting on my cozy couch. I highly recommend this book, and the series to mature readers who love a good paranormal romance. 


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I've been an avid reader since elementary school. I joined the Navy out of high school, turning down multiple scholarships. I have 2 adult children and 2 rescued fur babies. I am a Domestic Violence survivor and I'm currently writing my first novel.

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Artist and scientist, one of Carrie's favorite past-times is getting lost in a fun romance novel. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Carrie also enjoys traveling and exploring the outdoors with her husband, two amazing young children, their goofy lab, and adorably scruffy rescue dog. view profile

Published on December 26, 2020

70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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