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Wild and Beautiful


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A beautifully written and illustrated book that shows a mother's hopes and dreams cannot compare to the love she has for her child.

Wild and Beautiful is a touching story about a mother's love.

Readers meet a woman, who has many hopes and dreams, and experiences many adventures. She travels, meets new people, climbs mountains, dances, sings, and much more. But all of these adventures cannot compare to the joy of having a child. Now the woman, who has become a mother, encourages her child to have her own hopes and dreams, and enjoy her own adventures.

As a mother, I found this story to be very heartwarming, sweet, and true. Prior to having children, I found joy in other activities but spending time with my kids and engaging in various activities with them is much more enjoyable. And nothing can compare to my love for them.

The story has a great flow to it and transitions well from a story about a woman to a story about a mother. It is written from the point of view of the mother talking to her child so when read aloud to a child, it will feel as a parent is talking to his/her child and will make the child feel good inside.

I really like that the mother encourages her child to dream and be anything she wants to be and expresses how she looks forward to her daughters adventures.

The illustrations are very beautiful and eye pleasing. They enhance the story and portray the words on each page extremely well.

The author has done a wonderful job - everything is aligns and ties in together well, from the title, to the story, to the illustrations and even down to the font!

Beautiful work! Keep on writing!

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A loving mother explores life's hopes and dreams with her child in this poignant affirmation of love.

A mother, with hopes and dreams of her own, avows that none compares to the love of bringing a child into the world. In this tender affirmation of love, a mother invites her adored to explore their own dreams in their wild and beautiful life.

In this tenderhearted story, a mother shares her many dreams and adventures that have come to be in her life: climbing mountains, flying in the sky, swimming in oceans. Yet those thrilling adventures pale in comparison to the wonder and joy of being a mother. And now, it's her child's turn to reflect and she recounts to them all of the wonderful things in life that they can be and to fill it with their own adventures and dreams.

They could discover new frontiers in space, grow a beautiful garden, or live on top of a majestic mountain. What the mother shares is that the joy is in the dreaming itself, and that their child's future is full of possibilities, hope, and especially love.

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Hey, I'm Amanda. Mom, educator, singer, doula, and generally a good time. I've been writing poems and songs since I was a kid but want to put those lyrical thoughts to use writing children's books. view profile

Published on November 02, 2021

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