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"Why Liv?" by Jon Sebastian Shifrin is a wonderful story of a man's quest for the answers of his existential questions."

The novel revolves around the main character Livingstone Mordicai Ackerman whose nickname is Liv.

The title of the novel depicts the real theme of the story. Why Liv? is a title that says so many great things. It raises the real questions that we should think over if we want to live a life wholeheartedly.

Liv is a character that faces so many difficulties at the hands of his parents and his girlfriend as well.

His parents turn out to be real narcissists and his relationship with his girlfriend takes on a strange twist.

It seems that his love for freedom is the reason behind his going away from his parents and girlfriend.

His decision of leaving his job isn't welcomed by his girlfriend and she gives him another shock with her remarks about their relationship. She says,

"What you’re doing is reckless. Stupid. Dumb. You have no plan. And don’t think this is about me. Or us. It’s not. I mean, I don’t mean to be blunt, but it’s not like we’ll all that serious. We’re not. Never were. We were just, well, convenient. I know that sounds mean, but it’s true."

The book leaves us with so many questions regarding our purpose in this world and the idea of living a life with the true spirit that would be much more needed in this otherwise materialistic world around us!

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Jon Sebastian Shifrin's work has appeared in The Baltimore Sun, The Hill, The Dallas Review, The Missing Slate, The Indian Review, and Futures Trading. He also is the founder of the popular current events website, The Daily Dissident (www.dailydissident.com), and author of the novel, Why Liv? view profile

Published on November 27, 2019

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