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Understanding why you are here, is the focus of WHY! Born With A Purpose – and author Jerry Norton features those who know the answer.

Put your hand up if you understand why you are here. Some people know from a young age, while others take a circuitous route to get there. If you are still searching for an answer, then Jerry Norton’s book WHY! Born With A Purpose is for you.

Why is that? Well, he shares that, according to a hypothesis by Scottish theologian William Barclay, there are two important days in every person’s life – the day that you are born, and the day when you understand why. Some people have asked and figured out the answer. This has led Norton on a quest to find those who know why they exist. He came up with over 40 individuals. They are men and women of different ages and backgrounds – united by an unshakable conviction that they were born for a purpose.

The opening story focuses on Joshua Frase, a boy with a genetic muscular disorder who defied all expectations and lived in hope of finding a cure for his condition; ably supported by his mother, NFL father and sister. They never quit in search of a treatment, and this family epitomizes courage, perseverance and unconditional love. They did not ask “why us?” but learned that what they experienced helped others.

A few showed exceptional tenacity, such as aviator Bessie Coleman, an African American woman who defied discrimination to realise her dream to fly in 1921. A number of men and women gave up their lives to save others – fallen heroes in World War II and subsequent wars; and as first responders during 9/11.

There are well-known names in the book too, such as sportsman Tim Tebow and ballet dancer Misty Copeland. Some have “ordinary” jobs as caregivers and teachers, yet they make an extraordinary impact on the lives they touch.

Written in the form of essays, the book consists of seven parts. The author interviewed many of those featured. Others have died, and Norton did extensive research to tell their stories. Many comment in their own words, while others share anecdotes about those who can’t. Some essays are longer, and a few are less engaging. Norton’s writing style is personal and easy to read.

What I love about all these real-life stories is that they are heart-warming and touching. Read them in one sitting or dip in from time to time for inspiration and reaffirmation or to discover your “why!”  

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Jerry Norton is an 87-year old veteran of the Korean War with an EE degree from Columbia University. He spent forty years developing sophisticated radar systems for the US Navy and US Air Force. He retired at age sixty-two, then launched a second 24-year career as a sports photojournalist. view profile

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