Why Inch Got a Foot


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“Why Inch Got a Foot” is a picture book that is just the right tale for your child!

“Why Inch Got a Foot” is a picture book that is just the right tale for your child! I read it over and over again because it is so delightful and easy to read. Its poetry has an effective songwriting quality, and the artwork is both pleasing and whimsical. I would encourage anyone to get this book to read along with your child.

“Why Inch Got a Foot” is the tale of an adventurous and clever worm that meets a shoe that will take her places. Inch wants to see the world and answer big questions but to do this, she must overcome her fear of the unknown. In essence, she must venture out of her safe and predictable environment to see the big beautiful universe. The opportunity of a lifetime arrives one day when a blue and white shoe gets stuck in the mud! Will Inch take the chance to discover a much bigger world from someone else's shoe?

This picture book has thirty-four pages which are all filled with magnificent poetry. To top it off, Inch is a beautiful worm, painted in green and red, who lives in a muddy brown environment that is all natural and ordered. However, when a blue and white shoe lands in the mud, all caution is thrown to the wind and possibilities arise! What is this big blue boot doing here and where can it take me? Inch wonders.

I would recommend this book for any child of any age to read, it is funny and short and the story is supported by narration from an adventurous worm that we feel like we have already met. The tenets of the story are ever so subtle, so it does not appear to pontificate; yet, the point is so clear - to see the world from someone else's shoe. As little Inch makes her way around a new and beautiful universe, will you go on this adventure with her?

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“If every inch ahead is brand new, then why take just one if I can take two?” Have you ever thought how different the world would look if you saw it in someone else's shoe? Inch, the curious, clever and courageous inch worm, has a million questions, too. She knows she can’t get her answers if she sits in one place, and she knows she is meant to soar – she just doesn’t know how. Then a shoe gets stuck in the mud and the adventure of a lifetime begins! Will Inch realize it is better (and safer) to stay put and simply know what you see or will she find the courage to discover a much bigger universe of things to understand and love? With Roecker’s signature whimsical, sing-song rhyming verse and colorful, engaging illustrations, “Inch” is a heart-warming tale filled with amazing adventures, humor and keen insights for the entire family. “Why Inch Got a Foot” is the highly anticipated follow-up to Roecker’s wildly popular debut “Why Ball Wouldn’t Bounce.” “ “Ball" was named to’s “Best Children’s Books of All-Time” and “Best New Children’s Books to Read in 2020” Lists.

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Award-winning writer, artist & brand marketer, Ron Roecker has written/illustrated two books to date: “Why Ball Wouldn’t Bounce” and "Why Christmas is Cancelled." From the Midwest, he's lived in L.A. for 20 years and moonlights as a brand marketing consultant, exec coach and prof public speaker. view profile

Published on May 12, 2020

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