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Who Plugged the Dyke? An Indiana Election Mystery


Loved it! 😍

Who Plugged the Dyke? Campy, cozy mystery fun with loveable characters, a clear set up for an ongoing series, and lots of laughs.

This world is full of ugliness. Ugliness is easy to see. The challenge to which we must bend our every effort is to discover that little grain of beauty and celebrate it until that is all we and everyone else experiences.

At a time when I am fully distracted by ugliness of the pandemic and anxiety over the upcoming election, Schatz's book Who Plugged the Dyke? An Indiana Election Mystery found its way into my TBR. And how happy I am that it did! This book has just enough thrill and mystery to keep the story going, as well as lovely humor and character development that make this a solid second book in what will surely be a series.

I've long been a fan of light reads with action and humor--this book has all of the things that make me happy, especially when I need a little escape. Someone is trying to kill Deb Eubank, the local lesbian defense attorney who is running for a judgeship. Can the BB and his friends solve the mystery before election day?

The circle of friends makes this book endearing and lovable. Who wouldn't love a queen named Nacho Mama--who actually serves awesome nachos at a Patio Cafe? Then, of course, there's also the butch Petunia, the vocalist Suave, and good old Roger. Even though I haven't read the first book centered on these characters, I have a clear sense of the bonds between them (and have the other book on my TBR).

While the cast and crew of the book is diverse and entertaining, the narrator is Deb's assistant BB, a librarian by day who mainly signed on to the campaign in return for a pair of Christian Louboutin beaded loafers. We feel empathy for BB who is unwillingly thrust into the thrill and adventure of attempted murder. The voice of the character is clear and well-developed, as we see his inner workings--anxiety over the threat, daydreams about the beautiful boys around him, reflections on his relationships with friends in the group. In the end, we want to follow him in his next adventure, and we cheer for what he has accomplished so far.

This is why art is essential to life. It feeds our deepest need.

In a time where we could all use a break from the world, I can think of no better escape than joining BB and his friends in Magawatta.

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Angelic Rodgers lives in the Little Rock area with her wife, two unruly cats, and two codependent dogs. She is currently working on her sixth novel. You can keep up with her at

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College prof, clown, tour guide, consultant, conference lecturer, comedy traffic safety instructor …. Author. Schatz’s work is fast paced and fun. Spanning subjects from middle grade ghost stories, YA adventure, adult fiction and mystery, these page turners make you laugh, cry and think. view profile

Published on July 30, 2020

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