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After Azar’s Eshgham professed as Lana inspired him to write and share his memoirs with the world Azar started writing the story after an incident in March 2018. Although, Azar is aware that her presence has to be kept from the limelight, as she likes her personal life private.

But he felt his love for Pantea was an incredible event that needed to be written on paper. The only other person Alborz ranks higher than Pantea is Rozhan his wife.

She Turned to Pimping

I was twenty-three years old when I met a beautiful girl; she was fifteen. We dated for three years until she was of legal age and then we got married in court. However, later her parents set up an arranged marriage as per the ritual within thirty days with various conditions. There would be no dowry, etc., and I had no problem with that since I just wanted the girl. We have been happily married for forty years, with four children; three daughters and one son were born when I was forty-two.

My business dealings were exporting products around the world. On one trip to Milan when I was thirty, we were looking for some machines. A business friend, Kumar, came along for the purchasing; he made a call to have a girl visit my hotel room. I had never been outside of my marriage to Rozhan, my wife.   After the trip back to India, my friend Kumar called for another girl to see me at a hotel, she was a sweet girl. The meeting led to an introduction to her pimp who dealt with high-profile call girls and high-profile businessmen, and politicians.

My interludes extended to once a week for a few hours, a different girl each time and different times of the day. But I want to mention that I had a very satisfactory sex life with my wife, who never knew about my sex outside our marriage.

I became frustrated as the call girls could not fulfill my needs or expectations. I only met with four good girls but was looking for one person to meet once a week regularly. On one incident, I met a girl who was with another girl whom I liked. Her name was Rupali. She had come specifically to meet a minister, and I did not get the opportunity to stay with her. My stint lasted from 1983 to 1999 before I met the right girl who introduced herself as Aafree, whom I found through the same pimp. My schedule didn’t allow me to be with her that day, so we arranged a meet up the next evening. I was very impressed; she was of the Parsi religion, beautiful, stylish, my perfect match.

Our scheduled meeting the next day went badly because she never showed. Out of frustration, I called the pimp and shouted about my frustration. I demanded to have the girl’s contact number, but her phone went straight to voicemail. The pimp informed she lived in Mumbai. I was so attracted to the girl I made an excuse at home so I could fly to Bombay the same evening. After my arrival, there was still no answer. I left several messages in hopes she’d call back soon. In the meantime, I met with another girl. She met me at the airport and we went to the Sun and Sand Hotel in Juhu, Bombay. The girl was not to my liking since my mind was on Aafree and I wanted to meet her again. Rupali came with her pimp, since we missed each other the night before, because of her engagement with a prominent minister. It was just my good luck; she was good, but I told her about Aafree who had come to see me. Then at about 11 pm, the hotel phone rang, and to my surprise it was Aafree. I was excited to hear from her.

I set our meeting for the next day and asked to meet once a week for 1,000 dollars a night. Aafree was needy and greedy; I expressed the desire to meet her for 24 hours to 48 hours a week. “I am looking for roti kapda makan,” she said (this means “food, clothes and a house”).

“I promise all that in time, but we need to spend some time together first.” 

After that, we met every week, sometimes for two days. She claimed to be twenty-eight, which never bothered me since our time was excellent. We had been together for three years when she disclosed, she was divorced and had two sons: one fifteen and the other eighteen. Both lived in Canada with their father. The news didn’t bother me; even when she revealed her real age was thirty-nine, it was irrelevant. Later, I met her sons when they came to stay at the hotels. They were fond of me. We traveled all over Europe, the USA, Hong Kong, and other countries. At times her sons traveled with us. We partied at many pubs, nightclubs, etc. However, part of our agreement was that she would leave the call girl scene, but this didn’t happen. I understood the reason, except she lied. She would deny the phone calls and meet with various clients through pimps, and later she herself started pimp work. We had many discussions about doing the pimp work, and it was something I asked her to stop. Our relationship lasted for ten years, and I took excellent care of Aafree.

I bought her a house, a car, and later built another floor on the same bungalow. Although it was about a 100 sq. meter plot, I spent about 400,0000 dollars on it besides buying the plot. After several years, when her own pimp work flourished, and she was busy with calls, it annoyed me. I warned her over the next three years that she would lose me, but my alerts went unnoticed. I even promised to stay faithful and not fuck around with anyone else. 

The problem escalated. During our meetings, Aafree stared bringing girls, and she wanted me to find friends who would meet with them. The whole situation upset me a great deal, but I wanted to be with her and was not looking for anyone else.

One meeting, on my birthday 2011 when I had already been with Aafree for twelve years, she arranged an Indian Mujra (Indian dance) by a girl by the name of Seema. She was lovely and an excellent dancer. When I flew back to Delhi the next day, Seema called to say she had left a watch in the room. I informed her there was no watch in my room. Anyway, I offered to come and see her performance in Chandigarh someday. She liked the idea and agreed to come with another girl performer. We met, and I asked her if she would like to have sex for extra money, and she agreed. We had a good time; both girls performed very well in their dances. Seema was very young but very enticing. She met with me in Chandigarh at my presidential suite. Of course, I had sex with her, although she was very young. But Seema had a beautiful body and was full of youth. Nonetheless, she had a boyfriend. I convinced her to meet with me occasionally; however, this relationship was temporary. I was looking for a long-term situation. We met a few times and eventually became good friends. I purchased a very small flat for her in Delhi and then had it put in her name. I did this to reward her for helping me to try to get free of Aafree.

Aafree and I were meeting regularly, but I was looking for a replacement. Her pimp business had taken over her life. It was a frustrating disappointment. But finding someone else was hard, and the last thing I wanted was one-night stands.

About the author

Alborz Azar has been dubbed a hero by Pantea (Lana). The story is narrated by Alborz who was once called a great hero by the woman he loves. However, she declined to be titled as the author. In light of the situation, she chose to avoid involvement due to his family. view profile

Published on March 17, 2020

Published by Writer's Publishing House

30000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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