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White Dove


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In White Dove, Nora finds love after joining the fight for Ireland, while in England, Edward joins his country’s fight after finding love.

“Because we’re about to start a war, Colin, and even if people survive wars, I’m not sure that love always does.”

After her grandfather’s death, Nora McMahon hopes to continue living with her brother in peaceful County Clare, but their flock of sheep is murdered and they must seek a life elsewhere. Friends who had found work in the city also find a place for Nora that will be pivotal in their cause of fighting to have the Irish rule Ireland again. Her parents had been killed fighting for the freedom years ago, but by changing her last name from Cullen to McMahon, no one is the wiser to the fight that runs in her blood. She ends up joining the insurrection with a man who had caught her eye in her childhood, Colin. Colin wants to keep her safe, but she wants to live free.

Across the sea, Edward Eldrige is preparing to fight for his country, but he first wants to convince his parents to allow him to marry the woman he loves. Elizabeth is not from the right station in life, nor from the right parentage (her mother is American). As he and Elizabeth scheme, Edward is oblivious that his brother is fighting the same battles, but afraid to make them public. He also wants to fight and loves someone beneath his station. Edward may be setting an example for his brother that he doesn’t know his brother will follow.

Nora and Edward’s stories are told back and forth in this first book in the trilogy. However, other than being in the same time period, the stories do not overlap in the first book at all except for one shared quote. Both main characters hear that even if people survive wars, love may not survive – and both characters are in love at the end of the book. Despite that, the book is a very interesting and weaves a tale of characters fighting for what they believe in a time when the world is on the cusp of change. The descriptions of Ireland and England in this time period are vivid. The book is long, but readers who enjoy digging deep into characters’ lives will enjoy reading White Dove by Katrina Nowak. 

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Katrina Nowak is a writer, author, runner, mom, wife, veteran, and entrepreneur. She specializes in historical fiction. In 2017, she launched Scribble & Spark Bookworks, an independent press. view profile

Published on May 01, 2018

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