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When The Sky Roars


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An adorable tale about a little boy learning to overcome his fear of thunderstorms.

Katie Weaver has crafted a truly adorable book about a common fear in children. Our little main character is afraid of thunderstorms, especially when the sky roars. He doesn’t like the loud, rumbling thunder or the crashing flashes of lightning. He especially hates when the storms ruin all his playtime outside.

Many children dislike storms to varying degrees. This story has two lessons in one. The first is learning to deal with the disappointment of a storm rolling in and having to be stuck inside until it passes. Our little MC must learn to deal with the big feelings associated with the storms. Disappointment is part of life, so is having to wait for what we want. Weaver delicately shares this wisdom through cleverly rhymed verses that flow easily across the pages.

The second lesson is about where storms come from. Why does the sky roar? With the help of a few balloons, our MC floats up to the clouds to discover the answer. But it isn’t ballerina pirates or fire trucks causing the commotion. The answer surprises the little boy!

Weaver’s illustrations are rich and detailed. They truly add the the beauty of the book. Cartoon characters that aren’t overly cutesy are drawn into brightly colored backgrounds. Weaver captures all the details from the dirt smudges on a baseball uniform to the barely noticeable jax scattered near a toy chest. The pictures are just as much fun for readers to explore as the text itself.

The bonus treat tucked at the end is a recipe for Four Berry Crumb Pie, directly from the story. Kids and adults can read the book and then cook one of the special dishes featured in it. It’s the perfect activity to do on a stormy day.

I loved this story and will be sharing it with little ones. Grownups, you will want to share this sweet story with your little ones too. Not to be missed.

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The problem with thunderstorms is they can really ruin your fun!
...they can also be quite scary.

One little boy has had enough of thunderstorms interfering with his life. He's done with being afraid and he's had enough of the "roars" in the sky wrecking some of his favorite days.

Determined to find out what's behind the roaring and get it to stop already, he sets off on a brave adventure.

Guess what? There are fantastical things in the clouds.
Pirates, firefighters and even dinosaurs quickly turn fear into one big-bellied-giggle after another!

Silliness and joy radiate from these pages, and will pull your child along on the brave quest to find out why the sky ROARS!

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Published on August 17, 2021

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