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When The Bee Stings


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After losing her mother and now her father has been arrested, Bell Morgan must deal with secrets from her past as she searches for answers.

What would you do if suddenly your life was flipped upside down?  What if everything you’d ever known about your family may not be true?  How do you move forward when faced with deception from those closest to you?  In J.A. Roth’s novel, “When The Bee Stings” these are the questions that sixteen year old Bell now faces.  After recently losing her mom, she may also lose her father when law enforcement takes him into custody. Faced with the possibility that she may have been kidnapped as an infant, Bell will stop at nothing to find the truth about what she thought was her ideal life.  Bell quickly discovers that nothing is what she thought and as pieces of the past reveal themselves, she must decide if she is willing to put everyone she cares about in the path of unknown consequences to finally figure out the truth.  

While at her mother’s funeral, Bell Morgan and her father are trying to figure out what their new life will look like and realize they will need each other more now than ever.  However, Bell’s world continues to spiral downward when suddenly her father is arrested on charges of kidnapping. She is more confused than ever and to make matters worse she now realizes she has both a brother and uncle as well as a biological mother she never knew existed.  Left to deal with her emotions alone, Bell finds strength and hope when she makes new friends and realizes her father could never have been involved in her kidnapping. Bell is determined to set her father free but when the FBI enters the scene, she may have uncovered a scenario that goes far beyond her own kidnapping. 

I enjoyed this book and thought it was a quick read and easy to follow.  Watching Bell learn to understand just how strong she is and nothing is ever ideal was a lot fun.  Her story was not necessarily new but I loved the way it was told from a teenager’s perspective and the way the author allowed us into Bell’s thoughts.  Bell’s character is very relatable and her story touches on emotions from tragedy, loss, and devastation to hope, love, and perseverance. I thought it was fairly predictable but a great “light” read if you’ve had a lot of heavy books lately.   

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J.A. Roth was born and raised in Northern California, raising three children. She earned a B.A. in psychology and a teaching credential. She started her writing career with The Timeless Trilogy, a young adult time travel romance. Her next book, When The Bee Stings, is her first stand alone novel. view profile

Published on July 31, 2019

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Genre: Young Adult

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