When my Mom Goes to Tsunami Supermarket, Why Can't I Tag Along?


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A curious girl, a sneaky mom, and a fun grandma make for an enjoyable read for children of all ages.

When My Mom Goes to Tsunami Supermarket, Why Can’t I Tag Along? by Susana Basanty is this author’s debut novel. She has another children’s book coming out soon, titled: Can This Family Survive Quarantine? The Adventures of Sheltering in Place and Covid-19.

When My Mom Goes to Tsunami Supermarket, Why Can’t I Tag Along? is a story about Avi, who does not understand why she can not go to the supermarket with her mom. Since her mom just went yesterday, Avi is suspicious that she needs to go again today. Mom calls grandma to watch Avi, which pacifies her. While Grandma and Avi are playing, mom calls to say that she has forgotten her wallet. Grandma sneaks Avi into the supermarket, where Avi has quite an adventure, with some surprise characters.

This is a cute story about Avi and her adventures. It is set up beautifully for there to be another story about Avi and her family. The illustrations are great, the storyline well-written, and the story engaging so that children will relate to Avi’s angst in not being able to go with mom and want to have their own adventures with their grandmas.

I would recommend this story for children ages 3-7. While Avi is in school (grade undetermined), younger children will relate and enjoy this story as well. I would also recommend that librarian’s pick this book up as it is one that will be able to stand the test of time. Very well done.

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Avi, a curious young girl, has an adventurous day with her Grandma and discovers something special in a supermarket. An inspiring story involving three generations - a Grandmother, a Mother, and Avi.

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Hi, I am Susana Basanty, an American born in Madrid, Spain. Later I moved to California in the 1970s, worked in eCommerce, and now I'm writing children's books. I am happily married, enjoy family, friends, church, cooking, writing, acting, reading, Tunisian Crochet and a positive mindset. view profile

Published on December 17, 2020

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