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When Mom Travels for Work


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This picturesque child's book explains mommy has to leave for work, but her love and thoughts are always with you.

In When Dad Travels for Work, we met a sweet boy whose father had to travel for his job. In When Mom Travels for Work, we meet a mom traveling down a curvy road while her daughter sleeps peacefully at home. 

Sometimes dads have to travel for work, and sometimes it is the mother. While a mom is away on business, the rest of the family must work as a team to tackle chores. They might not all be fun, but being kind, supportive, and helpful is important. 

Thanks to technology, when a parent is away, you can see and talk to them with a few simple clicks. Facetime or Zoom calls bring families together when circumstances cause them to part. 

When Mom Travels for Work explains to children that some parents have to go away so they can provide for them. Their job pays for the food they eat, among other things. It also explains just because your mom is away on business, that doesn't mean she isn't thinking of you or missing you—quite the contrary. A parent's love is constant no matter where they are resting their head at night. They count the minutes until they see you again.

The drawings were again lovely, like with When Dad Travels for Work. I love the warm tones and how they beautifully illustrate the love in this happy family. I was pleased to see this book also featured the same maze as in When Dad Travels for Work.

If your 3 to 7-year-old has difficulty adjusting to mom working outside the home or with their parent having to go on a business trip, read them When Mom Travels for Work. This picturesque child's book explains mommy has to leave for work, but her love and thoughts are always with you. It's a story worth reading! 


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WHEN MOM TRAVELS FOR WORK helps kids understand why parents sometimes need to leave their loved ones when they travel for work. The story explains why parents work, what they do while they are gone, and how important their children are to them even when they’re away.

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Kristopher James Goeden is a father, husband, businessman, and children’s book author. As a traveling businessman, his time spent away from his wife, miniature dachshund and two energetic boys led to the penning of When Dad Travels for Work and subsequently, When Mom Travels for Work. view profile

Published on May 05, 2023

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