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When Courage Comes


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A lost item causes the fates of two enemies to be intertwined forever in this vividly descriptive and well written WWII inspired epic.

 "He doesn’t dare share his anti-Nazi feelings. Must be more careful than ever -- knowing many of the men marching to his left and to his right would kill him right now if they knew. They scare him more than the Americans.”

Stephan Jurgen, When Courage Comes

When Courage Comes is the fictional tale of Stephan Jurgen, an Austrian teenager forced to enlist in the military under the Nazi regime. Stephan is a handsome young man who has served for years when his story begins. He becomes a prisoner of war to the American forces stationed in North Africa, once his German commanders have enough sense to surrender in May of 1943. While he and his fellow captors are herded to the American base to be interrogated, his most prized possession is taken away from him by American officers. In the throws of heartbreak over losing the thing that meant the most to him, Stephan asks his interrogator, Colonel Ralph Bauer for help in getting it back. Bauer couldn’t care less, that is until Stephan bravely saves his life. Little did either of them know that this one missing item would tie them together forever. 

The paths of these two enemies inadvertently cross again at a later date, and their families become intertwined as well. Ralph’s sister Rose has no idea that one of the soldiers that gets dropped into the new POW camp in her tiny Texas town not only saved her brother’s life but will also leave hers forever changed. The significance of family ties and relationships during a time of war is explored throughout the entire book, and the ending is one you wouldn’t want to miss. 

There are a couple of different things that I really enjoyed about this book. The first is the in-depth development of the characters. I absolutely fell in love with the main character Stephan because of his ability to persevere through multiple trials and maintain his humanity despite the repeated trauma he has suffered. I also love the development of Ralph as well, turning from this hardcore colonel who develops a heart for a foreign enemy under the craziest of circumstances. 

The other thing I absolutely loved about this book is the amount of descriptive language that the author uses. From the first page of this book, there was a vivid picture painted in my mind by his words. His descriptions of each character and their actions were very detailed, but the thoughts inside each of the characters' minds are what really stood out to me.

The story woven by Paul M. Flemming in When Courage Comes is a brilliant and insightful WWII inspired tale that draws you in and makes you want to keep reading. I would recommend this book for fans of historical fiction, historical romance, or dramas as I believe they would find this book very well researched and fantastically written.

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Paul M. Fleming is a restless baby-boomer who finally ran out of excuses for writing his first novel. Now with his breakout novel, Paul combines his research skills, fondness for history, and passion for storytelling in a startling story he’s been itching to tell the world. view profile

Published on August 14, 2020

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