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Whatever's Next, It's Not 13th Grade


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What's next, It's Not 13th Grade teaches parents how to help their children navigate life after high school by considering options

If your child doesn’t want to attend college, don’t panic. Read Whatever’s Next, It’s Not 13th Grade by Rebecca M. Adair. This former Hall Director, Academic Coach, Catalog Editor, and mother of four children has a different perspective about the pivotal year after high school. Unlike most human resources professionals in higher education, she doesn’t agree with the notion that academic study is superior to life experience. A four-year degree may not be your child's best path. Based on his  unique needs, he could go to technical school, get a job, or take a gap year.

A lot of high school graduates simply aren’t interested in college. However, some of them would like to go to college but are unqualified and some of them can’t afford it. Furthermore, now may not be the best time. In some cases, your child may be a Scanner, a person with varied interests. For him, life is a smorgasbord and a university education is only one tasty meal. Adair’s message is this: It’s not about you. It’s about assessing your child’s personality, strengths, and resources to determine the best fit. So don’t push your child to attend college. Instead guide him through all of his options. Learn how to avoid being a helicopter mom, the influence of parents’ education (or lack thereof) on their kid’s career goals, how to handle a child’s request for help, and the societal factors affecting the U.S. educational system.

I loved this how-to book/memoire. It should be every parent’s second Bible. However, while the helicopter, life boat, and kid drowning in a sea of books were cute, it belies Rebecca M. Adair’s career spanning 30 years. With just 190 pages, she tackles every aspect about a tough topic, your child’s future. My favorite chapter was “Your Background Matters.” The nostalgic look at college revealed the impact of change. Today caffeinated and high energy drinks are the staples of a student’s diet. Text messages, emails, and website content have replaced memorandums. Even personalized study skills based on the student’s learning style have compelled professors to adjust their curriculum. I appreciated her honesty about her academic struggles and the issues she faced within her first marriage. Letters from grateful students added authenticity.

Adair has a master’s degree from Texas A&M. Whatever’s Next, It’s Not 13th Grade is a must-have for parents, nontraditional (adult) students, and employers seeking to engage their employees.

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Published on March 22, 2020

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