What's Wrong with This Picture? 12 Days Before Christmas Too


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"What's Wrong with This Picture? 12 Days Before Christmas Too" had a blend of easy & more challenging out-of-place items to locate.

What's Wrong with This Picture? 12 Days Before Christmas Too by DJ and Roni Robbins is an interactive story loosely based on the "12 Days of Christmas" song. I love interactive books because they allow my children to be engrossed in the happenings, not just sitting there as I read them a story. Seek/find and spot the difference books are household favorites. 

What's Wrong with This Picture? 12 Days Before Christmas Too had a blend of easy and more challenging out-of-place items for a child to locate. If they get stumped, there is an answer key in the back of the book. The answer key wasn't consistent in design, though. Some answers were colored in black, and some were outlined in red. Other answer cards had mistakes circled, then ones blackened and circled. Every answer card was mainly black and white except for "8 Maids -a- Milking," which was in full color. I would suggest making them the same style. 

My kiddos were confused about how many mistakes they had to find on each image. Maybe making a small note under each photo will clear up confusion. 

From a design point of view, I like the creative ways the team wrote the various days of Christmas. Example: wrench in place of an "i's" and words in different script sizes, fonts, and colors. These small touches made the words pop off the pages. 

When I submitted my review to Reedsy, I didn't have a baseline for the author's recommended audience. I would target preschoolers and elementary school-age children for the hands-on activity. The text is not difficult to understand, so elementary students should be able to read the book solo. I only recall one word that might prove confusing to young minds: infinity. But, this is a great time to broaden their vocabulary. 

Review submitted to Reedsy on 8/8/22. 


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It’s Christmas eve, and the family is playing games and opening gifts. When DJ is surprised with the

“What’s Wrong with This Picture? 12 Days Before Christmas.” Book.

An interactive rhyming read and seek story is based on the 12 Days of Christmas song.
There are things to do and see. “But something is wrong. Or is it just me?”
Try to find all of the things wrong in these colorful Christmas scenes.

Read and seek books just adds a little more fun to the reading experience. Promoting conversation by inviting the child to look, point, and ask questions which improves vocabulary, language and memory skills. They also stimulate the child's brain as they evaluate and determine things out of place.

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DJ and Roni Robbins is a mom and son author team, writing fun and easy to read children’s books for early readers. Roni, married 25+ years with 2 adult children, 2 grand daughters and a 5 year old son DJ, who was the inspiration for their first published book. DJ likes buildings & hot wheels. view profile

Published on October 04, 2022

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