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What Ever Happened to Mr. MAJIC?


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In this meditative, comical mystery, the authors inspire even the dubious and hardheaded of cynics to believe in magic.

Celebrated author J. D. Salinger once called himself “a kind of paranoiac in reverse,” suspecting people of plotting to make him happy.


This isn’t the philosophy readily believed by an introverted, highly sensitive and ruminating personality type, but for authors Rod Pennington and Jeffrey A. Martin, there’s always wiggle room for a little magic.


In their book they co-wrote called, “What Ever Happened to Mr. MAJIC?” a 23-year-old beleaguered woman named Grace, who exudes the Wednesday Addams of the Maxwell family from dreary Cincinnati, is hit with a double whammy when she finds out – on the day of her mother’s wake – that her doting father isn’t her real dad. A handwritten note from her mother strategically presented to her after her passing sends Grace’s fragile brain into a tailspin and identity crisis when she finds out her father vanished before her birth. 


Though mother and daughter hadn’t seen eye-to-eye on much of anything her whole life (her mother was about living the good life while Grace was more about seeing the glass as half empty) nothing befuddled her more than having this sensitive information withheld from her throughout her existence. The mystery, however, is kismet for a girl who would often retreat to her room to find escapism in her vast collection of books, particularly juicy and overripe mystery novels. True to life imitating art, Grace must unravel her own mystery: Who is her father and why did he disappear?

After engaging in a little detective work on her own before involving the help from an attorney and a probing investigator with a two-decade-long interest in the case, Grace finds solace in learning her biological father is a writer just like her, who authored best-selling self-help books and hosted seminars that were well attended by former hippies in search of life’s meaning. What’s more, Grace and her ball of sunshine sister Sunny unearth an unpublished and sought-after manuscript called, “The True Path of Enlightenment,” and finds her dad went by the moniker “Mr. MAJIC,” a play off the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” and an acronym derived from his first best-selling book, “Moving to Acceptance, Joy, Insight and Clarity.”        


On Grace’s journey to enlightenment, the mystery of finding her father is a catharsis as it helps her to redeem a lost connection with her family and, more importantly, herself. Throughout the book, Sunny too assumes the role of the guru by reminding Grace of her self-worth which her clouded mind hinders her from seeing. Wrapping her worried head around this awe-inspiring enigma is enough to transform her life and get her out of her own head. 


In this comical, meditative mystery, the authors inspire even the most dubious and hardheaded of cynics to believe in magic. 

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Published on March 22, 2019

Published by Integration Press, LLC

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